Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hundreds Arrested in Copenhagen Protests

Thousands of protesters took to the streets and a few hundred were arrested in Copenhagen Saturday, as they demanded a climate-change agreement that would curb greenhouse gas emissions and aid developing countries harmed by pollution.
They marched to the Bella Center in the Danish capital, where the global climate change summit is being held.
Danish police said 350 to 400 people were arrested in the throng, which was demanding "climate justice."
Countries are expected to end negotiations in Copenhagen on an ambitious new climate deal by next Friday, the end of the two-week summit.
Environment ministers came to Copenhagen this weekend for talks, and world leaders are to arrive late next week.
Considerable progress has been made in areas including technology, adaptation and the prevention of deforestation, Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, told reporters on Friday. "It is now also time to begin to focus on the big picture."
De Boer hailed the European Union announcement to provide 7.2 billion euros, or $10.6 billion, over the next three years to help developing countries take action on climate change.
All 27 EU member states will pledge money in what is regarded as a major effort to reach a climate change deal.
That deal was struck on the second day of a EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, and leaders plan to make the money available in a "fast start" fund for poor nations dealing with rising sea levels, deforestation and other problems related to climate change.

Friday, December 11, 2009


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Copenhagen News

A truly historic moment has arrived. The United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark began this week, and the eyes of the world are on the United States, gauging our commitment to a global solution to the greatest challenge facing our planet.
Leaders from across the world, including President Obama, will come together to forge an agreement that will guide international action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and lay the foundation for a new and prosperous 21st century clean energy economy.
In advance of his trip to Copenhagen, President Obama has already made a commitment to take on the climate crisis here in the U.S. — now we have to show that the American people are ready to lead too. - Vice President Al Gore

Hydrogen Powered Street Cleaner

We are hearing about many inventions and discoveries in the alternative energy sector. But we don’t get to read about many ‘actual’ finished products doing their work in real world. What we know is many models being tested in laboratories. But here we are seeing Bucher CityCat H2, the world’s first municipal utility vehicle powered by fuel cells, made its debut last week in Basel, Switzerland. This street-cleaning CityCat will be doing her work on an eighteen months trial basis. It will be a matter of study that how this vehicle nicknamed as Bucher CityCat H2 be helpful in reducing air pollution than traditional diesel engines. Empa and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have, in collaboration with Bucher Schoerling, Proton Motor, BRUSA Elektronik AG und Messer Schweiz, developed a hydrogen powered municipal street cleaning vehicle that was unveiled to the public on 14th May 2009 in Basel.
CityCat is powered by fuel cells. Fuel cells convert hydrogen into electrical current that drives the vehicle’s electric motor. So we can see that no pollutants come out from its exhaust pipe. Only water vapor is being emitted that is a result of the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. This vehicle not only reduces pollution, but CityCat’s energy consumption is half compared to diesel engines and it reduces CO2 emissions by 40%. Such vehicles are especially useful in sensitive areas for example pedestrian precincts, railway station halls or even in enclosed structures such as exhibition halls.Project Leader Christian Bach, Head of Empa’s Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory says, “Our aim is to take fuel cell technology from the laboratory onto the street.” The project — also named as ‘hy.muve’ i.e. (hydrogen-driven municipal vehicle) – is also used as a research platform for socio-economic studies. It can throw light on acceptance of hydrogen technology, its market introduction and its cost effectiveness.But the big question is still unanswered; it’s about the possibility of hydrogen power. Because most of the hydrogen power is generated from non-renewable natural gas. CityCat presents a great opportunity to test whether hydrogen power is actually cost-effective for municipal use. Even if it is found to be cost-effective, hydrogen technology has a long way to go before it is accepted in mainstream vehicles.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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Monday, December 7, 2009

Interview With Repower America

Watch our interviews with Andrew Tuholski about our thoughts on not only wind, but how Green Energy is an important factor and should be taken seriously by everyone who wants to see America and their community succeed and be healthy.

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