Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Glory Days Talk Show

WESCO Representative Nick Huffman takes the spotlight at Monday night's Glory Day's Talk Show with Scott Mentzer and Scott Johnson. (photo by Katie Metler)

Monday night's Glory Day Talk Show was quite a interesting show. With two of the most gorgeous twins to ever walk through Bluffton and a high student Representative of Wesco Wind LLC.

Lauren and Claire Peterson started off the show introducing themselves and the opportunities they have had through out their high school and college years. From being a "Queen" and "Princess" to an interviewee for CNN the two twins are bound to fulfill their dreams. Their projects and adventures that they have taken has helped make them who they are today and has gave them better views of the world and the future it possess.

Nick Huffman, a student at Bluffton High School and a Wesco Wind Representative was also an invited guess to last nights talk show. Introducing Huffman was the 30 second commercial that Wesco has sponsored for Wells County Voice. Explaining Wesco's mission and purpose as a Wind Firm made a difference to some of the viewers and listeners last night. "I want people to know the advantages of renewable energy, I want them to see what I see." Huffman stated "Its not just that its really cool to be apart of, but the lives touched through this project is tremendous. Just in this County their will be over 400 jobs supplied, a better view of technology, better health, and better economic values will be provided through this development." Huffman went on explaining about the expansion Wesco has invested into. Once starting as an idea in a few farmers head has expanded in to a multimillion if not billion dollar corporation. "We are the ground roots of renewable energy. Where the wind blows, Wesco is their. Where the sun shines, Wesco is their. Where there are tress to grow and leaves to fall, Wesco is their."

You can listen to the show at http://wellscountyvoice.com

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