Sunday, December 13, 2009

Renewable Energy Statistics

Currently the U.S. is in the running for first place in renewable energy, but how long will it take until China, Saudi Arabia or any other country catch up?
With wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, ethanol and so many more renewable energy sources, the U.S. has a pretty good lead. The only problem is its taking to long. Congress is really focussing on renewable energy and new developments to be "Green", but with all the current debate with health care and in Copenhagen, the topic has sort of been delayed. It could take much longer to approve the Bill than it would to build a 150 megawatt wind farm. "There is always going to be wind," stated a professor from North Carolina "so why not use it? The states need to quit transporting foreign oil and foriegn developments and use this as a key to catch up in the health and technology field." As numbers rise in new renewable developments so does the intrest in Green Energy. People need to get involved and see what this is providing for the U.S. With this we will have more jobs, better economy, better health, better education, better influences, the list goes on... People reading this, take a stand for Renewable Energy, call your state Senators and tell them you want this passed. Tell them you want jobs, you want money and most important, you want to see America and the people living in this wonderful Nation to succeed.
- Green News

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