Saturday, December 5, 2009

WESCO Expnds to Solar and Biomass

What began as a company looking to bring wind turbines to rural American communities has now expanded to offer a variety of renewable energy resources including solar and biomass.

Steve Estes, president and founder of Wesco Wind, says the company is pursuing renewable energy projects along a 200-mile wide corridor from Michigan to Florida.
The new plans call for the creation of two sister companies to Wesco: Ascendant Power Systems will handle waster to energy and biomass systems and Gemini will handle solar renewable energy systems.
According to Estes, all three companies will fall under the umbrella of Star Distributed Energy.
"We at Wesco feel there is a need for a diverse energy system, something which is not so centralized and interconnected." Estes said. "By developing a localized energy network we are creating a safer energy network."
Ascendant is looking at developing waste to energy projects in Englewood and Ocala, Flordia and methan biomass systems in Liberty Township (Wells County) and Huntington Countyl Mercer and Highland counties in Ohio.
Gemini is looing at solar projects in Brown and Adams Counties, and anywhere with solar potential.
Wesco is currently developing wind energy projects in Whitley, Jay, Blackford, Huntington, and Northern Wells Counties. The company recently sold previous Southern Wells assets to Apex Wind Energy, whom in which will eventually be installing 60+ wind turbines in Liberty, Chester and Jackson townships, potentially generating enough electricity for 20,000+ homes in the County.
Wesco is also pursuing other Ohio wind projects in Huron, Mercer, Seneca and Miami counties. It has already signed several farmers in Darke County on to a project to create a 5,000-10,000 acre windfarm costing about $220 million, and capable of producing 100 megawats of wind power.

published by Jerry Battiste

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