Monday, January 4, 2010

Golfing Going Even Greener

Reducing your electricity costs while extending the useful life of the cart batteries, and while you enjoy the electricity savings and improved dependability, you will value the peace of mind and satisfaction of peppy golf carts that are continuously charged with the SunCatcher solar charging system.

SunCatcher developed the solar charging system, with leading golf course owners and electric car manufacturers to be ultra reliable, easy to install, and maintenance-free. Designed to fit all major brands of golf and utility cars, SunCatcher Canopy tops will convert your existing or new electric cart to solar power. SunCatcher is powered by state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells that produce electricity directly from sunlight - similar to solar-powered calculators and space satellites. SunCatcher's solar charging system directly powers the golf cart when driven in daylight. When the golf cart is at rest, SunCatcher charges the golf car battery. And SunCatcher's integrated charge controller ensures your batteries will not be overcharged by the sun. SunCatcher Canada is a manufacturer of the SunCatcher brand of solar powered roofs or tops for golf carts. Your electric golf car or golf cart can be outfitted to use our solar charging system. You'll save utility costs and contribute to our world in an environmentally friendly way.

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