Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WESCO President Travels To D.C. To Meet The Senators

Indiana Residents Go to Washington

Business Leaders to Bring Hoosier Support for Clean Energy to Meet with Senator Bayh and Senator Lugar

[Indianapolis, IN]– Comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation can bring up to 45,000 jobs to Indiana and reduce our dependence on foreign oil – something that Elizabeth Nolan-Greven, Alan Loyd and Steve Estes want Senator Bayh and Senator Lugar to remember when they visit them this week in Washington D.C. On Wednesday, the Indiana residents will share their views of everyday Hoosiers and discuss the benefits of clean energy and climate legislation to Indiana.  

“Clean energy jobs can help revive the Indiana economy and put us back to work,” said Elizabeth Nolan-Greven, President of Ecosource, Inc. “I’m going to Washington because I firmly believe that we need clean energy legislation at a federal level to incentivize a green economy for our future. “

“As a business operator, I watch our expenses closely,” Alan Loyd, Director of Health and Lifestyles Center in South Bend, said. “Energy costs can determine if we’re successful in any given year. Investments in clean energy would help minimize this risk.”

“If we continue to wait to adopt clean energy legislation, we will be behind the rest of the world in manufacturing infrastructure for renewable energy components,” Steve Estes, President of Star Distributed Energy, said. “This message needs to be carried to our senators—that investing in clean energy is an investment in our economic growth, as well as national security.”

Nolan-Greven, Loyd and Estes were a part of a ground breaking multimedia campaign centered around The Repower Wall, an interactive online destination, where more than 55,000 people and businesses have uploaded messages supporting a transition to clean energy. 

Messages from The Repower Wall are also a part of an innovative new grassroots-driven television advertising campaign that provides everyday Hoosiers with the tools to make their voices heard in livings rooms throughout the state and in the nation’s capitol. By including video messages from The Repower Wall in television ads, the Climate Protection Action Fund’s Repower Indiana campaign is amplifying the voices that leaders in Washington D.C. need to hear – their constituents. And these are the voices calling for immediate action on clean energy.

Elizabeth Nolan-Greven is President of Ecosource, a small business in Columbus, Indiana that offers LEED-certified green business consulting and distributes and installs solar technologies.
Alan Loyd is a lifelong resident of Indiana and is Director of Health and Lifestyles Center in South Bend, Indiana.

Steve Estes, a resident of Markle, Indiana, has worked on renewable energy projects for the past 10 years, and has owned the renewable energy company Star Distributed Energy for the past three years. 

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  1. Please, another story of our tax dollars wasted. Could our state not find someone with new ideas to send to D.C.? Europe is dying and you want to follow them?

  2. How can someone keep a straight face and sleep at night when they owe so many people money and continues to break promises. Growing a business on other peoples backs.

  3. Steve Estes is a cheat and a liar. DO NOT go into business with him. He will not pay his bills.