Monday, March 8, 2010

Representative Nick Huffman Travels to State House Thursday and Meets With State Representatives and Senators

Nick Huffman and State Representative Pond discuss the values and importance of investing into Renewable Energy. (photo taken by Katie Mettler)

Thursday was an unusual day for me, instead of waking up and going to a boring day of school, I got to travel on a bus with fifteen other students to the State Capitol. I originally spoke with State Senators and Representatives about making my way down to the State House to speak with them about Renewable Energy and luckily Thursday was my day. "It is the House and Senate's busiest day of the year," said intern Lauren Petterson "You either make the bill or break it." Luckily I got to squeeze in a little time and speek with a few members of both the House and Senate. Like in the picture above, Representative Phyllis Pond spoke with me about the different steps in building a wind farm and the importance of even having one. "I am 150% for Renewable Energy, I think it is something that not only myself, but Indiana needs to take a bigger look and investment in." Pond has a 150 acre farm in the Plum Tree area that she is looking at leasing to WESCO in the future. She also wants to establish a residential turbine for one of her rental properties. "I have an old wind stand in the back of one of my rental homes that I would love to renue its purpose. Maybe a smaller turbine could be put in use?"

Representative Pond was one of three members of the General Assembly that I got the chance of speaking with, amoung those were Representative Pond, Representative Ruskey, and Senator Holdman. I got a lot of complements for WESCO, and the State is backing us 100% of the way. :) 

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